Best at home workout videos

Best at home workout videos

I am super excited to be able to offer you Pace Workout #1.  This is the first video exercise from the best at home workout videos.  It’s free to you thanks to the generosity of Dr, Sears MD

Best At Home Workout Videos

When Dr. Sears published a copy of this video on his home channel, I jumped at the opportunity of sharing it with my visitors. 

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Using the best at home workout videos in my home gym

If you are like me, you don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours at the gym.  Travelling to a gym, exposing myself to other people’s sweat, waiting in line for exercise equipment, and paying exorbitant fees does not appeal to me one bit.

Instead, I opted out to train at home.  I have been using PACE EXPRESS as my primary fitness workouts for over 10 years, and I have never tired of doing them.   

Some exercises I can do at the advanced level now, others I bounce between intermediary and advanced.  It really does not matter because I know that irrespective of the level of intensity I am getting the 24-hour fat burning effect from doing PACE. 

More importantly, I know that PACE is helping me stay fit, strengthening my lungs and providing me with the cardiovascular exercise that my heart needs.

I also do a lot of resistance workouts using free weights and my beloved Bowflex Gym.

Home workouts that work best for me

Over the years I have learned that to keep the weight in check I need to do all these four things…

Eat a sensible diet  

I don’t believe in limiting what type of foods I eat, nor do I follow any of the ridiculous fad diets that are being pushed at present.  I just limit the quantity of the foods I love and eat some of them more sparingly.  One example is pizza.  I love the authentic Italian recipe.  I have pizza as a cheat meal once a week or fortnight.  

Do Cardiovascular Workouts (PACE)

Dr. Sears explains in his PACE workbook why certain types of cardiovascular exercises done in a certain way are essential for the health of my lungs, for good circulation, and for toning my heart. 

This regular and progressive physical challenging prepares my heart for those unpredictable and sudden emergencies which could trigger heart failure in less fit people.

Do Resistance Type Workouts 

These are also an essential part of my routine.  I know that lifting weights helps me retain my muscles, and supports my ligaments and bones.  Weight lifting also helps maintain an acceptable physical appearance and posture.  Lastly, resistance workouts help maintain my testosterone level to an acceptable level.

After many years of trial and error, I am now absolutely certain that I need to incorporate all these three things in my routine to keep fit and to maintain a healthy BMI. 

I also have proven to myself that any of these principles alone is not sufficient for maintaining good health and for effective long term weight loss.


What makes PACE EXPRESS one of the best at home workout videos

I am not a medical practitioner, nor a fitness expert I am just a very experienced and well-informed user of workout programs.  So I am going to let Dr Sears MD who is both a medical doctor and sports medicine expert explain to you why PACE EXPRESS is the best home workout program.  Please watch this video to the end as you will surely benefit from doing so.   

When you buy the Pace Express DVD using the Premier Option you will also get a copy of Dr Sears’ book PACE EXPRESS in pdf format.   I love this book and I have read it over and over again.


Watch Dr. Sears conduct a PACE Home workout program


How to buy the most economical Pace EXPRESS home workout package

The PACE order page offers several different options and packages.  The Pace Express DVD option gives you everything you need and offers the best value for money.  This is a pay-once option.

If you want to access Pace Online you can purchase the Pace Express On Demand which carries a recurring yearly charge.  This is entirely optional.  

The video below will show you exactly how to buy the best home workout video package of PACE EXPRESS

Best at home workout videos order page
Visit this site regularly, I intend to update the Best at home workout videos site regularly and include other quality home workout videos as they become available,  For now, PACE EXPRESS is it!
I updated the Best at home workout videos page on the 20/1/2020.